Braggin’ Time

Gray's Emmy nomination letter

Gray’s Emmy nomination letter


Fathers and mothers who hunt with their kids will agree: the only thing better than you making an amazing shot at some game is watching your son or daughter make one. And while my own successes have made me grin inwardly from time to time, I pretty much save my bragging for things my kids do.

Both my boys hunted when they were young, and Griffin still does, at least as much as work, school, and running his own business allow. But I think the lessons they learned in the field – the education, preparation, and hard work required to overcome adversity and find success, often against the odds – have carried over into their grown up professional lives.

So it was a great moment when Gray, 27, sent me a picture of the Emmy nomination letter he received last week for his work on a documentary. Griff, 22, started his own internet business a short time ago – selling “vapor” (e-smoking) supplies and accessories – and the orders are flooding in. But in all-too-typical government fashion these days, both the state legislature and local leaders where he lives want to shut these businesses down. Griffin made his case to the city council last week, and changed their minds. When I look at the photo of him doing that, I’m reminded of the determined little kid who was always thinking of ways to turn a bad hunt around. And who often did.

Yes, I’m a proud dad, and it’s time to brag.


Griff addressing the city council

Griff addressing the city council

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