Your woman and your weapon

Last month I took my girlfriend along on a business trip to Southern California. Checking my concealed carry weapon was the usual no-stress experience with Southwest. Getting ready at the hotel later, I went to get my little Smith & Wesson out of the case and…can’t find it. No problem, it’s gotta be here somewhere. Tear apart the big suitcase, clothes flying. Not there?! Can’t blame TSA; I had it when we left the airport. Drop down and look under the bed…nothing! What the hell?!? In the car maybe? Did I leave it in the trunk? No, it was in the room this morning. The maid?!?

Panic setting in.

My girlfriend, who’s getting ready at the room’s desk looks over her shoulder at me with one eye, the other having its lashes bent by a metal contraption she’s holding. “Lose something, baby?”

Yeah, I say, trying to sound calm: “My gun. It was in a black…(turning towards her)…CASE GODAMMIT!”

“What?” She shrugs. “I needed to raise my mirror.”

Other uses for pistol cases include 'makeup stand.'

Other uses for pistol cases include ‘makeup stand.’


~ by SpeakingZenaphorically on March 27, 2013.

3 Responses to “Your woman and your weapon”

  1. That’s a smart woman! Coming from another!

  2. Ha! She totally wanted to make you sweat a little 😉 But that would be a panic situation!

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