2010 SHOT Show

I expected new products but was surprised to see what some might say is our nemesis at this year’s Shooting, Hunting, Outdoors Trade show.

Most of the innovations were lost on me. Like, do women really need a binocular designed just for them, in plum and chocolate colors? Nikon thinks so. And is losing four ounces enough of a reason for me to trade my SBE II in for a Vinci? Nah.

Less techy and more practical was a new and growing company that’s making mannequins for the outdoor industry. Yeah, seems trying to get the GQ models to hold a bow was resulting in a lot of broken arms. Now there are ones configured for tree stands, shooting rifles, and reeling in fish. Genius.

Being a waterfowler, mainly, my eyes went where my experiences have taken me. To a cart slash layout blind slash stand up blind with wide flat wheels that might, just might be able to handle Wister mud. And to a round safe that let me spin my way to my chosen gun, instead of pulling them all out to get that one way in the back. The cart was designed by Dan Klein at Ducks & Bucks. The safe is from Pendleton.

The highlight of the show for me? Seeing R. Lee Ermey was cool. So was seeing a lot of hunting legends, like Jeff Foiles and Jeff Miller. But shaking hands with Scott Leysath was the real thrill, since his recipes have often graced my grill.

My overall impression of the SHOT Show was the same I get when I go into a casino in Vegas: man, there’s a TON of money flowing around this industry. MINE!!


~ by SpeakingZenaphorically on January 25, 2010.

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