Seven by seven

After a couple of false starts, my duck season finally yielded a great hunt. I went out alone to a new pond at my local refuge, tossed a few coot decoys in the swamp timothy, and savored the whistling wings and hoarse quacks in the dark. My plan was to let the volleys of gun fire at first light go on without me, letting my pond become a closed zone. Sure enough, the teal sought out the sanctuary about fifteen minutes after shoot time, and I soon had a collection of four green wings and a cinnamon. Another green wing and a wigeon fell in the next half hour. About seven a.m. I decided to save my last shots for my favorite duck. No sooner had I formed the thought, then a big greenhead hovered into the decoys. He fell with two of my last three shells. Seven ducks by seven a.m. I stayed in the blind another half hour, to enjoy a sandwich and the silhouettes of ducks in the rising sun.


~ by SpeakingZenaphorically on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “Seven by seven”

  1. That is an awesome picture. That green-head is a beautiful bird. The Teal in there looks pretty nice too. Congrats on a nice hunt! Have a good one.

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