My first whitetail

The buck I’d been dreaming about for three years eluded me on my early November bowhunt in Iowa. Still, fourteen days of climbing up and down and hunting from trees buffeted by 30mph+ winds without mishap, and the natural, organic, chemical-free deer meat heading for my freezer made my first whitetail hunt a success.

This doe, the biggest one that got within range, paused just long enough for my 20 yard pin to settle on her heart. The arrow flew, the Lumenok™ glowing red hot, disappearing for a split second as it passed through her, then marking the spot like a beacon as it stuck in the ground behind where she’d been standing. The doe went no more than 25 yards, where I found her lying in the grass, dead.

Every animal taken with a bow is a trophy, antlers or not. And we are forever changed by those moments. She will be the blessing and the story at our holiday table this year. She will be appreciated and admired, in a way that meat factory killed and casually plucked from a grocery store freezer can never be.


~ by SpeakingZenaphorically on November 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “My first whitetail”

  1. Nice work buddy. Any animal taken with a bow is truly a trophy. I saw four this morning with no opportunity for a shot, but boy does it get the heart pumping. Congratulations on a successful hunt.

  2. Great job Neil. Nothing better than hormone free, free roaming venison. No cellophane needed! I’m hoping to bag my local deer by the end of the year. Then I’m off to Mississippi for my first shot at whitetail.

  3. Congratulations Neil. I hope to get my chance at a buck this year!

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