Happy Birthday to a Goose Hunter


Griff turned 16 on March 23rd, and we decided to make him a very custom birthday cake. My wife baked his favorite, carrot cake, which I cut up and assembled into a snow goose shape. Then came the white icing, a little black and pink icing, some orange wedge candies for feet, and coconut “feathers” and Griff’s special cake was ready. A cake board sprayed with blue food coloring and tules made of fettucini and ladyfinger pastries completed the scene.

~ by SpeakingZenaphorically on March 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to a Goose Hunter”

  1. I just read through several of your stories. I enjoyed all of it. You have a great outlook on life. You’re smart to write it all down. I mostly enjoyed reading about your kids and your relationship with them.

    I have two daughts, 7 and 9. I’ve been programming them since day one to be my hunting partners. I take them with me as much as possible. They are both great kids. Our time together is my greatest joy. It’s just about time to get the 9 y/o started on her hunter ed. class.

    Just wanted to say “Hi,” and let you know your writing is appreciated. See you at the refuge some day.

    Brent AKA One Track

  2. Hi!
    Can I ask you if you have the template for this cake?

    • I just cut up two 9″ round sheet cakes, Nancy, without following any pattern. It’s been years since I made it, but I just sketched out how I recall doing it and will email that to you.

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